Jumat, 23 November 2012

indonesia the movie

I am not going to mention all Indonesian movies just want to share my opinion on them. There are so many themes for movies, but if you saw recently all the posters of indonesian movie I am definetely confinced that you in agreement with me, they all chessy class b movies, with all the bikini ladiea and boobs every where. Even there's one movie have a porn star in it, well if they continue creating this kind of movies without any quality on the scripts it going to lead to the finish line as a second rated industry. I am not going to lie I am a guy and lovs seeing a glimps of cleavage, but is it enough, if we continue this bubbly trend we all dooms, there no left of good value we consider ourself as a nation of dummy that only thinking about sex and sexy ladies. We need to step up our game plan and start choosing what we wanted to watch, see ths quality in the script and the character not how beautiful they like in the wardrobe. Like indonesian movies in the late 70 they have a good actresses and actors with a good character building, even without the look they sold tickets. You need to hear the dialogue they using its awesome, even christopher nolan's movies can not beat it. We need to re-create this golden era and avoid the destruction of our movie industries.

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