Jumat, 23 November 2012

Simple words on free trade

Since 1994, right after the wto constructed the concept of international free trade law, every countries in the world or at leats every country members consider themself open for business with every one, zeroing in their tariffs or at least lower their tariffs because their commitment in wto forum. Even for indonesia that already members for gatt 1947, and the original member of wto, we already open for business and let's indonesian people consumed all imported products without that now cheaper and affordable for everyone. And then what happened well our national industry can not with a much betted quality from the outside world. These goods is from other industrial countries that already in the level of advancing their industry, for us we still developing ourself as industrial country from agricultural country in the late 60' trough 80'. Free trade in wto's way considered as the best tool for developing industry in one nation, or is it?. There are three types of countries in the world, first the developed countries which in this case already improve their economy, and have a mature industrial level, and there are developing countries see they using a verb? Well because these countries still struggling to developed them self, creating a sustainable economy and the last section of countries is least developed countries or well let me put it this way this countries still need a big help from even developinh countries. Well in wto this category of countries is needed because there are view policy that created for the second and the third category of countries. Is it make any different? The answer is no, why? Because its the law of nature the bigger form of creature will eat the little helpless creature. They can get away with anything, you know why there are a specific concerned in wto for intelectual property rights or agricultural sectors, for ipr well let's face it every clothing that you areng wearinh now if it is imported there is  protection of trademark in it, this is what creating money for the developed countries and for agricultural product well for developed countries eventhough only a small amount of farmer they still need protection, that's why wto supported a subsidy on agricultural because it will make the bigger countries happy.

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