Jumat, 23 November 2012

Next to the cliff

Are you ever considered yourself a good man? If not please don't because there are hundreds even millions people that much better, even smarter than you, why I stated a very pessimistic line above because in a way we consider ourself much better person comparing with someone next to you, we often envy others achievements or perhaps jealous to see your close friend doing much better than. What I suggested to you loose that habit and create a shield using by doing the best you can do without hoping other people opinion about it. Do you ever see a blind man walking, they walked with confidence perhaps the reason is they can not see a man beside him they don't think what other people do in front of him, the blind man know where he going, and confidence he will get there without thinking how other people that go in the same direction doing, is it faster than they are or just doesn't have any clue how to get there. Confuse? Well all I am saying is don't think to much what other people gain in their life, live yours and do your best there's always a positive excess

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